Garage Door Opener Repair / New Opener Installation. ” We Carry All Brands “

Are you tired of your garage door opener working sometimes and not working others? Do you need an extra remote for your garage door? Or are you just ready to install an entirely new garage door? Regardless of the type of project, calling on a service expert will ensure your problem is complete quickly and efficiently. As a result, we can help you with any of your emergency garage door repair needs today, no matter how big or small these needs are.

When it comes to garage door repair service..the most common issue involves the opener. So, in most cases, our service person can realign the photo eyes or replace the worn sprockets and gears in the opener. Other common garage door opener repairs include:

  • Motor.
  • Trolleys.
  • Circuit boards.
  • Drive belts.
  • Limit switches.
  • Drive trains.

In some cases, all you need is a simple adjustment. Other times, more extensive repairs and replacement may be necessary. If the issue is not able to get repair, then replacement of the garage door opener in Encino, CA may be needed. Contact Us Today for help at the first signs of trouble to minimize the cost of repairs.

Garage Door Installation Service in Encino, CA.

Another common garage door service that is needed is new door installation. There can be a number of reasons garage door replacement or new installation service is necessary. It could be for new replace a damaged garage door or just to update the look. So, no matter the reason for why you need garage door repair, hiring a professional for repair is important. Garage door installation is often hard. There are a number of moving parts that have to work together. Therefore, hiring a service pro will help ensure the door has proper installation properly and is working. If a person attempts this installation with no prior experience, other issues may arise.

So, if you need garage door opener service or garage door repair Encino services… be sure to call our technicians today. We offer full, professional repairs and installation services. Your garage door is in good hands when you call on us for service. So, call us now!